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Nicolás Velásquez

Entrepreneur, maker and hardware designer passionate in the creation of IoT products. Fan of building robots and learning new things everyday! 
I love helping people with electronic projects! If you need anything, please contact me!


Full stack IoT developer, with focus on hardware and embedded software

I have work a lot to understand and work with software, firmware and hardware to assemble IoT products. 

Some of my skills are

-Schematics and PCB design using Altium and KiCad. I am a Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) by IPC.
-Microcontroller programming using C. Knowledge mainly of Atmel's AVRs and PICs MCUs, and always eager to explore other microcontrollers.
-Embedded Linux knowledge. I have worked with Intel's Edison, Raspberry Pi, NanoPi Neo Air boards. In the Edison Board I assembled an OS using the Yocto Project.
-Linux scripting abilities.
-Hand soldering abilities with SMD and through hole components. Able to make prototypes and small productions.
-Basic Linux servers knowleadge.
-Basic knowledge in IoT cloud architectures.

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